Linkedin Integration !

Naresh Soni, Naresh Soni

we need to first install the module Linkedin Intergration from Settings/Modules

Once you have installed the module go to Configuration/Sales you can see Social Network Integration under which tick on the option Get contacts automatically from linkedIn. Also you will need to generate an API key for this follow the steps in the next slide   

  • Go to this URL:
  • Log into LinkedIn.
  • Add a new application and fill the form:
  1. Website URL: http://localhost:8069
  2. The programming tool is Javascript
  3. Website URL inside "JavaScript API Domains" field
​copy the API key generated and paste it here as shown in the image. Then finally click the Apply button to set the configuration.

Now open Customers list and enter a name as an  example shown above.

and you will see the linkedin contact being poped up as above, This way you can import your linkedin contacts in to your system.